Tuesday, May 30, 2006

fat bitch burger

last night i ate my first burger in 18 years, not that i wanted to wait 18 years to have another i just stopped in may of 1988, and didn't start again until last night. pretty good, while sitting there at the new burger place here in town a family walked in that my wife knew, a client of some sort i gathered and as i wasn't introduced i had an idea of who it was. i relayed the story on another blog back when it happened i found out that the woman who nearly killed me a year and a half ago was this tubby bitch who is afraid of me, kind of funny b/c she outweighs me by about 40 lbs. my wife didn't let her know who i was for a while b/c she knew what had happened and when she found out about the truth as to who i was she spouted off and declared her fear of me. funny, to me. i guess she's some sort of trustafarian who had lipo over the winter but i guess it didn't take b/c she's as big as ever now. justice in the world. she can't even look at me, terrified, all she needs to do is apologize and it's gone, a simple "i'm sorry" and water under the bridge, not until though.